Jason Canniff

Writer, Teacher, and Coach-Consultant

Digital and cultural nomad since 2014. Papa of a modern, blended, transnational family, with homes in Maine, USA, and Yogyakarta, Indonesia.An award-winning poet, I teach Peace and Reconciliation Studies at the University of Maine. Courses titles include: Mediation; Forgiveness: Creating a Culture of Peace and Reconciliation; Trouble in the Metaverse; The Public Intellectual: Jordan B. Peterson; Poets of Instagram; Writing for Peace; and Publishing in Peace Studies. When abroad, I regularly Guest Lecture at universities in Southeast Asia.My core business service, Recomposition, helps successful founders of small companies, firms, and agencies reduce stress and burnout. In particular, I help them streamline, revise, and rebrand product offerings to make more money while also winning back their time.